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xnomotivx's Journal

20 June
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I'm just a big dork.
80s, abstract expressionism, ac/dc, air guitar, alkaine trio, appleseed cast, aquabats, at the drive in, austin, avail, beastie boys, beat generation, beer floats, ben folds five, biking, bouncing souls, bright eyes, built to spill, cake, coffee shops, coheed and cambria, collages, cursive, deathcab for cutie, discount, easy mac, elliot smith, environmentalism, espn, flemish renaissance art, flogging molly, foreign films, get up kids, goofiness, green day, half priced books, hey mercedes, hot hot heat, hot water music, imported goods, j church, jack kerouac, jazz, jealous sound, jim rome, jimmy eat world, john hughes, journalism, juliana theory, keepsake, kind of like spitting, kurt vonnegut, laughing, linguistics, lisa loeb, little champions, live music, mike doughty, mineral, missy elliot, modest mouse, movies, mr. sinus theater, mtx, mu330, murder city devils, museums, my so-called life, national geographic, neutral milk hotel, nkotb, no knife, nostalgia, painting, paper lanterns, pedro the lion, phantom planet, photography, pinback, pizza, pop art, promise ring, propaghandi, q and not u, quasi, rancid, real world, recover, run dmc, saturday supercade, saves the day, sir mix-a-lot, skating, slam poetry, sleater kinney, small brown bike, snoop dog, sports, surfing, text twist, the (international) noise conspiracy, the anniversary, the butchies, the cure, the faint, the honor system, the prom, the vandals, the white stripes, thrift shopping, tribe called quest, trying to play bass, ultimate fakebook, ut, vegetarian, vintage stuff, vinyl, will & grace, world beat cafe, youth culture, zero zero